How to Access a 1999 Ford Windstar Instrument Cluster

by Allen Moore

The instrument cluster on a 1999 Ford Windstar contains the speedometer, odometer, fuel, temperature and charging gauges as well as various warning lights. In the event any of those units fail individually, you will need to replace the entire instrument cluster and have the new assembly programmed to your specific Windstar. But first you will need to access the instrument cluster. You can have it out in less than a half hour with patience, a few tools and a good grasp of basic automotive repair.

Drop the steering column to its lowest setting using the tilt wheel control lever.

Use the socket set to remove the two fasteners holding the instrument cluster trim bezel to the dashboard. These fasteners are located in the top of the bezel, aimed upward. Set the fasteners aside for reassembly.

Push the air vent on the left side of the instrument cluster inward so it is aimed at the steering wheel.

Place your fingers just inside the vent, but not on the louvers, and pull outward gently but firmly. The trim bezel will pop outward when the mounting clips release from their seats.

Pull each mounting clip loose from around the trim bezel until the entire bezel is free then set it aside. You may need to slip your fingers into the vents on the right side of the cluster to unseat the right portion of the bezel.

Use the socket set to remove the four fasteners holding the instrument cluster in place.

Pull the instrument cluster forward, carefully, until it is out far enough for you to reach behind and disconnect the wiring harness plugged into the back of the assembly.


  • check To reinstall the instrument cluster, simply reverse the steps undertaken for removal.

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