1979 Honda CM400T Specifications

by Jake Damon
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Honda motorcycles are among the most popular motorcycles in the world, and Honda markets its bikes as powerful, comfortable, and affordable The 1979 Honda CM400T is a bike that fits into that Honda model. The CM400T has a number of specifications that ensure both power and a smooth riding experience.

Engine and Performance

The 1979 Honda CM400T features a twin, four-stroke engine with displacement of 395 cc (24.1 cubic inches) and a bore/stroke ratio of 70.5 by 50.6 mm. The CM400T reaches 43 hp at 9,500 rpm and can hit a maximum speed of 93 mph (149.7 km/h). There are three valves per cylinder. The engine temperature is maintained by an air-cooling system. The transmission uses a automatic gear box, 530 chain drive. The fuel tank capacity is 2.5 gallons (9.46 liters).

Chassis and Wheels

The bike uses a stressed engine frame type with a telescopic -ork front suspension and a rear-swing rear suspension. The front brakes are single disc and the rear brake is an expanding drum. The front tire size is 3.50S18 while the rear is slightly larger at 4.60S16. The wheelbase is 56.1 inches.

Weight, Dimensions, and Other Specs

The overall length of the CM400T is 83.1 inches, the width is 33.7 inches, and the height is 45.5 inches. The seat sits 29.5 inches high. The weight of this bike with empty fluids is 377 lb, and the curb weight is 401 lb. The main bike fuse is 15A and the fuse for the headlight and taillight is 7A.

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