How to Write a Car Review

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You have heard the saying "Everyone's entitled to their opinion." In today's world of instant communication and the Internet that saying is especially true. If you have an opinion about a car, or anything else for that matter, you can write a review, post it and have the review seen by millions.

Choose a car to review. You can easily start with your own car and move on to the cars your friends and family drive.

Drive the car. Take it out on the highway. Drive it around town. If possible, drive the car in all kinds of weather conditions as well to see how it handles.

Gather facts about the car. Find out how much it costs in certain markets. Check out its trade-in value. Compare the car to similar models made by other car manufacturers.

Make a list of the good points about the car. Look at items such as gas mileage, exterior design and the passenger cabin just to name a few. Write a similar list of negative items for the car.

Write your review. Keep the review easy to read so persons of all reading levels can enjoy it. If you mention something technical, explain what it is so everyone can understand what you are saying. Remember to make it very clear whether you are posting a positive or negative review for the car.

Proofread your work. Make sure you can verify everything you have written in your car review.

Find a place to post your review. There are a number of online resources that allow people to post a car review.

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