How to Find the Size of Your Window Wiper Blades

by J. Johnson
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Whether they're squeaking or leaving water streaks behind, faulty wiper blades on your vehicle can become an annoyance. And if they are reducing your driving visibility, they're also dangerous. But before you can replace the wiper blades, you're going to need to know their size in order to buy a new set that works properly. To save yourself the trouble of having to bring your old wiper blades into the store with you, find the right size ahead of time.

Step 1

Consult your vehicle's owner's manual: It will tell you the length, in inches, of each of your vehicle's wiper blades. Skip to the next step if you don't have the vehicle's owner's manual.

Step 2

Measure the wiper blades with the measuring tape. Since wiper blades are measured in inches, make sure you measurements are taken in inches. Measure each of the blades, as many vehicles use two wiper blades of different lengths.

Step 3

Find your vehicle on the Rain-X Wiper Blade website, listed as a Reference below. Vehicles are sorted by manufacturer. Once you locate your specific vehicle, you will not only be provided with the length of each of the wiper blades, but also with the specific design of the wiper blades.

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