How to Set the Gain on a Trailer Brake

by Bob White

The gain on your trailer brake controller must be set every time your trailer's weight changes. The gain is what adjusts the amount of braking force that the electric brakes provide. If not set correctly, it could create a dangerous situation. Too little gain will mean that the trailer's brakes won't provide enough stopping power; too much gain and the brakes may lock up, leading to possible loss of control of the vehicle. Adjusting the gain on the brakes can be done quickly under the right road conditions.


Move the gain control to the 50 percent mark or the center position on the slider.


Test the setting by towing the trailer on a level, dry, paved road at approximately 20 mph.


Push the manual override button.


If the trailer brakes do not grip firmly, increase the gain. If the trailer brakes do lockup, reduce the gain.


Repeat the above adjustment until you have found the point of maximum gain without locking up the trailer wheels.

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