How to Increase the MPG for a Chevy Tahoe

by Zyon Silket

The Chevy Tahoe is a large, full-sized SUV. It uses a moderate amount of fuel by design. This is due to the large engine needed to pull the heavy vehicle down the road. Although you may never get great miles per gallon (MPG) out of your Chevy Tahoe, you can reduce the amount of gas you use.

Step 1

Check the tire pressure on your using a tire gauge. The tires should measure 32 pounds per square inch (PSI). Under-inflated tires increase the rotational mass the engine must contend with. This increases stress on the engine and decreases fuel efficiency.

Step 2

Remove unnecessary items from your Tahoe. The SUV is large, heavy and capable of towing and storing large items. If you do not have a need store items in your vehicle, remove them. Added weight causes added stress on the engine and lowers engine efficiency.

Step 3

Use cruise control. The use of cruise control reduces the inconsistent pressure applied to the gas pedal by the driver. The cruise control uses a computer to maintain consistent pressure on the gas. This prevents over consumption due to driver error.

Step 4

Drive the speed limit. According to the federal government, maintaining the speed limits enacted in the 1970s will help to reduce the fuel consumption of your SUV. Due to gas shortages in the 1970s, the government completed studies to determine the best rates of speed to help consumers save gas.

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