Why Use Steering Wheel Covers?

by Shelley Moore

Many types of steering wheel covers are available, and they serve a variety of purposes. Some covers are functional and some are fashionable--it's possible to accomplish both purposes at the same time. Be sure to avoid scams, however, claiming that certain types of pricey steering wheel covers can provide unique health benefits.


Some people use steering wheel covers to add color and style. You can find a cover that matches the exterior vehicle color, or a two-tone look matching both interior and exterior. A classy appearance can be achieved with an imitation wood-grain or marble look, or with real leather.

Fun Fashion

Color floral covers are available, along with car logos, animal prints and cartoon characters. Retro looks are popular, such as fuzzy covers to match fuzzy dice, or shag for '70s fun.

Fabric Advantages

Fabric covers don't become as hot in summer sunshine or as cold in the winter as plastic and leather covers do. In addition, some people find a springy, textured fabric more comfortable for long drives than a hard surface.

Cushion Grip

You can use cushion-grip steering wheel covers to reduce driving fatigue. These have molded designs featuring ergonomic thumb pads and finger grips.

Removable Covers

Removable covers are available to keep the steering wheel cool in hot weather.


Beware of scams such as the reflexology steering wheel cover, which proclaims that nubby pads at strategic positions can benefit sinuses, lungs, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines, colon, nerves, pancreas and other organs.

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