What Is a Dynafocal Engine Mount?

by Lexa W. LeeUpdated October 06, 2017

A Dynafocal aircraft engine mount is a trademarked damped engine suspension developed by the Lord Corporation in 1939. The company called it a "gamma product," which they defined as one based on new technology, patentable and having a price advantage on the market due to lack of competition.


The Dynafocal mount has large rubber isolators that position the mount in front of the center of the engine-propeller complex, according to Falco Construction. The Type 1 Dynafocal mount has isolators positioned at 30 degrees, while the Type 2 has isolators positioned at 18 degrees.

Less Vibration

The Dynafocal mount reduces engine vibration to the airframe more than any other aircraft mount, according to the Experimental Aircraft Association. This resulted in a more comfortable ride for passengers.

Other Facts

According to Glasair.org, the Dynafocal mount does not make the engine run more smoothly, but less vibration reaches the cockpit. Conical mounts have points of attachment on the rear of the engine and transmit more vibration.

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