The Best Way to Haul Two Cars

by K.K. Lowell

The ability to haul two cars at one time requires the use of some specialized equipment. Unless the cars are very small they will not both fit on one flat bed truck or a regular trailer designed for car hauling. Indeed, if the need to transport two cars at the same time is a one time event it would be less expensive to hire a company that already owns the equipment to haul them for you. If, however, the need will be frequent, a few options are available to you.

One-Vehicle Solution

Perhaps the easiest way to transport two cars at once is to use a single car carrier which has a wheel lift. This truck, which is also known as a ramp truck, can haul one vehicle loaded onto the body and one vehicle on the wheel lift tow bar. The second vehicle will have one axle, usually the front, off the ground and the second axle supporting the vehicle on the road. No special license is required to use this type of truck, but the operator should be skilled in driving a vehicle with a trailer.

Multi-Car Trailer Method

Multi car trailers are available which are designed to transport as few as three cars at one time. The trailers are long, as many as fifty three feet, which reduces their usefulness in some areas with small streets and tight turns. Do not use this option unless you are very skilled in pulling a trailer. These trailers are of the fifth wheel variety and must be towed by at least a one ton truck with a fifth wheel hitch. Larger trucks, such as a Ford F-450 of F-550 have a higher trailer towing weight capacity and are a better choice for those who don't already own a truck.

Final Option

Unless a business of transporting two cars at a time is being set up, the least expensive option may be a single car ramp truck which is not outfitted with a wheel lift and a single car trailer. Used pieces of this type of equipment are available at reasonable prices. This makes this the best, though not perhaps the most convenient, method for someone who has a recurring need to transport two cars but who has a limited budget.

About the Author

K.K. Lowell is a freelance writer who has been writing professionally since June 2008, with articles appearing on various websites. A mechanic and truck driver for more than 40 years, Lowell is able to write knowledgeably on many automotive and mechanical subjects. He is currently pursuing a degree in English.

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