How to Have Volvo Keys Made

by Jamie Lisse

Volvo keys are made with transponder technology to protect the vehicle against theft. This technology involves an immobilizer in the vehicle's antenna that communicates with a chip inside the Volvo keys. If a key is put into the Volvo ignition without a chip or with a chip that does not match up with the antenna immobilizer, then the vehicle will not start. Due to this technology, you cannot go just anywhere to have replacement Volvo keys made for your vehicle.

Step 1

Go to a local locksmith to see if they can make Volvo keys for you. If the key you need made is not one that requires an immobilizer chip, then a locksmith will be able to make the keys.

Step 2

Call local Volvo dealers in your area for a price quote on getting keys made. The price varies by dealer but ranges between $140 to $200, as of January 2010.

Step 3

Visit the Volvo dealer that gave you the best price for getting keys made for your Volvo. Give the dealer your key code. This is a code that Volvo dealers provide when a new Volvo is purchased. It is used to create replacement keys. If you do not have your key code, the dealer can hook your Volvo up to a diagnostic system to get the key code. Wait at the dealer while your Volvo keys are made.

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