Viper Remote Start Installation Instructions

by Joe McElroy

Viper makes a large variety of automotive electronics aftermarket products, including security systems and remote starter kits. To successfully install a remote starter kit, it is best if your car is already equipped with a factory key-less remote entry system. The remote start will turn the engine and some accessories on, but you will not be able to drive the car until you physically put the key into the ignition and turn it to the on position. The system allows you to warm your engine up before getting into the car.

Step 1

Start your car and check to make sure all lights and accessories are in proper working order before beginning the installation. All lights and accessories must be in proper working order to complete a successful installation.

Step 2

Read the instruction manual that came with your kit thoroughly before beginning the installation. Viper makes several different types of remote starter sets, each with slightly different features. You should be familiar with all the procedures unique to your kit before you get started.

Step 3

Disarm the factory anti-theft system on your car. Do this by pressing the unlock button on the keyless entry fob, then putting the key into the driver's side door and physically turning it to the unlocked position. Check your car owner's manual to see if your vehicle is equipped with a passive anti-theft system. These systems prevent anyone from hot-wiring your car or tampering with the ignition switch. If your car is so equipped, you will need a transponder bypass before proceeding with the installation of the Viper remote start system. See References for a complete guide to transponder bypasses.

Step 4

Remove the panel beneath the steering wheel. Inside of it are the wiring connections needed to connect the remote starter. These include the power, ignition, accessory, starter, parking light and brake wires. Put on the safety gloves and goggles, then identify each wire using the voltmeter or multi-meter, installation kit instructions and car owner's manual. There may be more than one wire in a particular bundle. Use a relay to connect multiple wires from the same bundle after you have disconnected the battery.

Step 5

Disconnect the battery, then make all connections with the kit. Solder the connections, then secure them with electrical tape after the solder has cooled. Recheck your instruction packet after each connection before proceeding to the next.

Step 6

Re-connect the battery and test the remote start and all accessories before putting the cover panels back in place. If any system does not work, re-check the connection and secure it properly. Once everything tests satisfactorily, you may replace the covers and drive the car.

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