How to Remove Viper Car Alarms

by Alisa Stevens

Viper car alarms protect your automobile from theft. When working properly, the car alarm provides you with a measure of reassurance that you will still find your car outside when you head to work in the morning. When malfunctioning, however, a car alarm provides no protection and can even be a nuisance to you and your neighbors. Malfunctioning Viper alarms cause a range of problems including loud and continuous noise, a disabled horn and a dead battery. Generally, you cannot fix a broken Viper car alarm; it must be replaced. Before installing a new car alarm, you must remove the old one.

Step 1

Put on the work gloves and turn the car off. Open the hood and detach the negative cable from the battery with the wrench.

Step 2

Open the driver's door and look at the cover for the underside of the dashboard. Remove the cover using the screwdriver and find the alarm module. The module is a black, rectangular box with an antenna wire on one end. Using the wire cutters, remove any ties or fasteners holding the alarm in place and pull it out from under the dash.

Step 3

Find the two large wires on module spliced into the ignition wire coming from the steering column. Use the wire cutters to cut the two wires from the ignition wire, removing the alarm's start disable relay. Reconnect the ignition wire to the terminal using the wire crimps. Tighten the crimps to make sure the connection is secure. The connection must be secure in order for the car to start after you remove the alarm.

Step 4

Remove the black wire connecting the module to the internal compartment under the dash. This disables the alarm by removing the power from the battery. If the black wire was spliced into any wires, reconnect them to their original source and wrap with electrical tape.

Step 5

Cut the alarm wire out the headlight circuit and repair using the wire crimp. Wind electrical tape around the new connection. Do the same for alarm connections to the horn, interior lights and door locks.

Step 6

Reattach the negative cable to the battery and close the hood. Start the car to make sure the ignition wire repair works. If the car does not start, go back to the ignition wire and re-secure the appropriate wire clamp.

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