How to Disconnect a B & E Car Alarm in a Toyota RAV4

by Emily Retherford

Toyota's compact SUV, the RAV4, comes with an alarm system to keep someone from vandalizing or stealing your vehicle. While disconnecting the alarm system isn't advisable, you might have to disconnect it if you lose your key fob. It can be reconnected once you get to the dealership to have the key fob replaced.

Step 1

Use the key to manually unlock the driver's side door. This temporarily deactivates the alarm, giving you access to the inside of the SUV.

Step 2

Place the key in the ignition and turn it forward one notch so that the battery activates, but the car isn't running. Look for the alarm box under the dashboard. Some models have an override button that's either black or red. Other models have a toggle switch on the box to override the alarm. Press and hold the override button in until you hear the alarm chirp once, signaling the alarm is disabled. If you have a toggle, flip it in the opposite direction.

Step 3

Find the fuse box under the driver's side dashboard and pop the panel off. Look on the underside of the panel to determine which fuse connects to the alarm. Remove the fuse to disconnect the alarm completely.

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