How to Find a Used Pickup Truck

by Colette McCormick

The compact pickup truck, known simply as a pickup, is the most popular pickup in the world. However you can also find mid-size and full-size pickups in the used vehicle market. A used pickup is a good investment. These vehicles are built to last. A new vehicle loses around 15 percent of its market value in the first year so if you choose a pickup that is a couple of years old you will be getting a good return on your dollar.

Set the amount that you are will to pay for the vehicle and decide how you are going to pay it. A dealership may offer financing, but a bank may offer a loan at a cheaper interest rate. By obtaining a bank loan, you won't be tied into buying from one specific place.

Look in trade magazines, the classified sections of newspapers or at online vehicle sale sites for the vehicle that matches your needs and budget.

Take the vehicle you are thinking of buying for a test drive in highway and urban environment driving conditions. Listen for any unusual engine noises. Check if the transmission shifts smoothly and if the truck shudders when driving at speed.

Hire an independent mechanic to run a diagnostic test on the vehicle before you buy it.


  • check Check for a used pickup auction being held in your area. Auctions can be a good place to buy trucks at knock-down prices. But only do this if you are confident that you know exactly what it is that you are buying.
  • check Look on the Internet for a comprehensive checklist of what to look for during a test drive.

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