How to Use a Dodge VIN to Tell Me What Options the Vehicle Has

by Richard Asmus

You can find most of the options on any Dodge car, truck or van manufactured since 1981 by decoding the VIN (vehicle identification number) online. Some decoders offer extensive information for free, along with offers to purchase other merchandise, such as a vehicle history report (VHR). Others offer less information and different offers, and others charge a small fee for different levels of VIN reports. When entering your VIN into the spaces provided at these sites, always use capital letters and enter all 17 characters.

Enter the VIN into the space provided at Decodethis. Click on "General" to see year, make, model, type of trim, body style and engine size and type.

Click on "Equipment" to see other options, such as transmission type, power steering or air conditioner. Click on other tabs for installed or optional equipment, technical specifications, available colors and more information. Not all VINs show the same tabs.

Purchase a VIN report from VINquery. Enter the VIN into the space provided in the upper left and click "Go." The next screen offers various levels of reports for prices from 50 cents to $1.90.

Enter the VIN in the space provided at DMV. Click "Search." The next screen shows the Dodge year, with model, body style and engine options, along with the city of manufacture. DMV also offers a vehicle history report for around $30, with a discount for volume purchases.


  • check The VIN does not identify all options, such as power door locks, van seating arrangements or color.


  • close Do not use the letters "I," "O" or "Q." VIN codes do not use them to keep from confusing them with the numbers "1" and "0."

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