How to Use Propane on an RV Fridge

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On any given weekend, thousands of people across the country enjoy camping in recreational vehicles. RV camping offers many of the conveniences of home while allowing campers to get closer to nature. One home convenience most RVs have is a refrigerator. RV refrigerators operate on both electricity and propane. The propane option allows an RV camper to have refrigeration when electricity is not available.

Check the level of propane in the tank. Propane tanks usually have an indicator on the outside of the tank. Before each camping trip, make sure the tank is more than half full.

Park the RV on a level area. If the RV isn't level, the refrigerator won't work properly. If the RV is going to be parked on an incline, turn off the refrigerator and keep the door closed until you can park in a more level spot.

Look at the base of the refrigerator. Most RV refrigerators have a three-position switch showing auto, electricity and propane. In the auto position, most RV refrigerators will use electricity and automatically switch to propane if electricity is not available. In the electric position, electricity is always used. In a propane position, propane is always used.

Turn the RV refrigerator control switch to propane.

Check to make sure there is a flame at the base of the RV refrigerator. This flame activates the coolant and keeps the refrigerator cold. The flame should burn blue. If there is no flame, light the pilot light following the procedures in the manual for the specific refrigerator being used.

Clean the area around the pilot light twice a year. This area should be cleaned with compressed air. Failure to thoroughly clean the area around the pilot light can result in no flame or the flame burning yellow rather than blue. If the pilot light will not light or the flame burns yellow, use the electric option on the RV refrigerator until it can be taken to an authorized repair center.

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