How to Use Edmunds Car Guide Blue Book to Assess a Car's Value

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Edmunds has built a reputation as being one of the best resources for those who wish to assess a car's true market value. Like the Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds provides information about automobiles and their value whether they are new or used, spotless or damaged. One of the more important aspects of Edmunds (unlike the Blue Book) is its reputation for empowering users to negotiate even lower prices on cars they are interested in.

Head to the Edmunds website (see Resources below). The Edmunds website offers immediate access to quotes from dealers, as well as forums for use by visitors (a great resource for people looking for advice from other car buyers).

Click the menu option for the type of car you want to assess. For example, if you want a new Ford Mustang then you would use the "New Cars" menu option.

Input the car's make, model and year information. Simply use the drop-down menus that appear and click "OK."

Click on the design of the car that best matches the one you are interested in. For example, if you want a Ford Mustang GT then you would need to click the "Ford Mustang GT" option. For the blue book guide value of the standard coupe, you would choose the "Standard 2D" link.

Choose to look for cars by design type using one of the listed links. For example, click the "SUVs" link to get access to Sport-Utility vehicles from a variety of manufacturers, as opposed to choosing just one.

Take advantage of the Edmunds guide to find certified pre-owned vehicles. Using the guide in the same way that you would to find used cars in your area, you can find specific certified pre-owned models (or close approximations) that you are interested in.


  • check Use Edmunds for more than just finding a car's value. Edmunds also offers reviews on cars new and used, as well as information about insurance coverage for cars you may be interested in.
  • check Get quotes directly from dealers using Edmunds. Simply find the car you're interested in and then provide your contact information (including ZIP code). This information will be provided to dealers in your area.


  • close Be aware that just because Edmunds can assess the true market value for a car, that doesn't mean you'll be able to negotiate with a dealer or car owner as much as you would like. They may have a rigid price cap that they are willing to discuss. Use Edmunds to give you an edge in negotiations, but remember that some people simply won't go for less than a set amount.

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