How to Use Bubble Wrap to Insulate Windows

by Chelsea Hoffman

Conserving energy by insulating the windows in your home can be not only cost-efficient but environmentally friendly as well. Bubble wrap, commonly used to ship and store breakable items, provides extra padding and insulation for windows. Knowing how to insulate your windows with bubble wrap allows you to save money on your power bill while using less fossil fuels to warm your home.

Measure the dimensions of the window. Do this by first measuring the frame from top to bottom and then measure it across.

Cut a strip of bubble wrap from the roll that matches the dimensions of your window.

Insert the measured piece of bubble wrap into the window frame, pushing the bubble wrap against the glass of your window. The edges of the bubble wrap will overlap against the inner edges of the window frame.

Use the masking tape to adhere the edges of the bubble wrap to the frame of the window. Use a second layer on the window if you live in a particularly extreme climate that has hot summers and very cold winters.


  • check Small grade bubble wrap presents clusters of bubbles are closer together than larger grade wrap. These offer more cushion and insulation for your windows. However, using large grade is fine if using more than one layer.

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