How to Unlock a Chrysler Sebring Door

by Zyon Silket

There are three different methods for unlocking a Chrysler Sebring door, and the method you choose depends on the situation you are in. With the invention of electronic door locks, Chrysler was able to provide multiple ways to enhance your user experience with the Sebring.

Press the unlock button on the keyless entry remote connected to your Chrysler Sebring key. Do this when you are within twenty feet of your vehicle. The button has an open lock printed on it. This method works best when your hands are full or you need quick entry into the vehicle.

Insert the key into the key lock located directly below the handle used to open the Sebring's door. Turn the key counterclockwise to unlock it, remove the key and pull out on the handle.

Press on the unlock button located on the door panel if you are inside the Sebring. Again, the button has an open lock to denote what the button does.

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