How to Troubleshoot an AutoStart Remote Starter

by Rebecca Nardis
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It's a cold day and it's time to leave the warmth and comfort of home to head out to your vehicle. Unfortunately, your vehicle has been sitting out in the cold garage or driveway. Thankfully, there's nothing like picking up your remote starter and warming up your vehicle before you've even exited the house. However, one day you pick up your remote starter and your vehicle doesn't start...what do you do? In fact, there are some easy troubleshooting methods to get your AutoStart remote working again in no time.

Step 1

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Ensure that you are in close enough range when using your remote start remote. Your remote start user manual should indicate the maximum number of feet at which the remote will function.

Step 2

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Ensure that you are holding the remote high enough so that it makes contact with the receiver found in the vehicle. Holding the remote down by your waist may impede range. It is best to hold the remote out in front of you.

Step 3

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Press the remote start button long enough to ensure that it is recognized by the receiver in the vehicle. It's best to hold down the remote start button for at least a full two seconds.

Step 4

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While pressing the remote start button, pay attention to whether or not the red indicator light illuminates. If the light does not illuminate, replace the battery.

Step 5

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Verify that the "Valet" switch on the remote start remote is in the "On" position. Having the valet switch activated commands the vehicle's parking lights to flash twice when the vehicle starts.

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