How to Uninstall a Audi A6 Quattro Transmission

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This article involves the process of removing an Audi A6 Quattro transmission. Re-installation is basically the reverse.

Step 1

Take a deep breath. You will need a hoist for this, along with some decent metric tools, and an engine bar or some means of supporting the engine from the top is preferred. Disconnect the negative battery cable and remove all engine covers. Disconnect and remove the mass air and air box. Remove the coolant reservoir and lay to the side. If possible, remove the oxygen sensors from the exhaust pipes from the top. If not, disconnect the connectors (the 2 wide black ones, 1 on each side mounted to the firewall) and cut any zip ties securing the harnesses. Remove top exhaust nuts where possible.

Step 2

Install the engine bar. Raise the vehicle and remove both front wheels and the belly pan (big plastic shield). Remove both side drive axle heat shields. Disconnect both drive axles (10mm triple square socket head bolts). Remove electrical connectors at the bottom of the bell housing, left side of trans and left side of bell housing (auto). Disconnect the connector on top (manual). Disconnect the small linkage arm attached to left and right lower control arms. Remove the starter.

Step 3

Remove the torque converter bolts through the starter hole. Turn the engine with a ratchet at front to bring the bolts to the hole. They will be very tight, and difficult to remove, however: do NOT strip the heads off. Disconnect and remove fluid lines (auto). Remove rear exhaust clamps under driveshaft. Remove rear driveshaft heat shield and disconnect rear drive shaft. Disconnect linkage at left (2 bolts and pop it off)

Step 4

Carefully remove the 4 small sub frame bolts in rear and then the 2 large ones while supporting with a screw jack, and lower the sub frame. Loosen the fronts if necessary. Remove the rear O2 sensors and disconnect harness from trans (zip ties). Remove the remaining nuts and brackets for the front exhaust pipes and remove. Set up the trans jack with a securing strap. Remove slave cylinder(manual). Take a good look around with a flashlight and disconnect/remove anything still connected or attached that I forgot to mention (this is for multiple engines/transmissions) or you forgot to disconnect.

Step 5

Remove and mark the location of the bell housing bolts and carefully back the trans away, and pivot the rear away and downward, working it through the sub frame and axles, all while keeping an eye out for things catching, connected etc. Good Job! If you can do this, you can do just about anything! Reinstalling is basically the reverse, but replace gaskets, etc. and top of fluid. Filling the fluid requires a special Audi tool.

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