The Types of Honda Accords

by Melanie Fleury

Honda Accords are a midsize sedan that has been manufactured since 1976. Honda's are made in Japan and are shipped all over the world. Honda Accords have changed in body styles and versions over the years, but as of 2010, three versions are available. Honda Accords can now be found in a sedan, coupe and CrossTour version.


The Honda Accord Sedan is the four-door model of the Honda. Starting at $21,800 as of September 2010, some of the options available include leather trim on the seats, heated front seats and a leather steering wheel. The sedan also offers exceptional gas mileage and was given an award by Kelly Blue Book for the best resale value. The sedan also has a newly designed grill and larger doors for easier entry. The sedan is comfortable for up to five adults. From 2011 on, GPS and a rear-view camera will also be standard on all Hondas.


The Accord Coupe is the two-door version of the Honda Accord. The coupe is a more stylish, streamlined version of the Accord with all the same options as the sedan. Due to being more streamlined, the coupe also gets the best gas mileage of the three Accord versions, getting 32 mpg. Projector beam headlights and the option of 18-inch wheels complete the coupe's look.


The Honda CrossTour is the most unique looking of the Accord styles. With styling similar to a hatchback, there is ample cargo space in the rear, as well as folding seats that go down completely for additional storage. The CrossTour also comes with a hidden utility box, and the option of four-wheel drive. With a V-6 engine and enhanced handling, the CrossTour can go off road when needed, making it a unique sedan. The CrossTour is the highest-priced Accord, with a starting price of just under $30,000, as of September 2010.

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