How to Turn Off Mini Cooper Day Lights

by William Garmany
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Daytime running lights is a safety feature built into many cars including the Mini Cooper. Although having these lights are a safety feature, for some they are nothing more than an annoyance. Fortunately, the lights are able to be turned off or on depending on the vehicle owner's needs. The unfortunate part is that this process isn't as simple as it is with other make and model vehicles.

Step 1

Locate your local dealer. The closest Mini Cooper dealer to you may be the one you purchased your vehicle from. If it's a long drive, schedule an appointment.

Step 2

Let the dealer handle it. Mini Cooper dealers are the only ones that can program the daytime running lights to be on or off. If they are on, they will turn on every time the ignition has been started and the car is put in gear.

Ask the dealer to program the daytime running lights off. This will set your car to not turn on the lights and you will need to manually turn on your headlights if you need lighting.

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