How to Turn in License Plates in Pennsylvania

by Rhonda Gilmore
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If you are moving out of the state of Pennsylvania with your vehicle, be aware that the Department of Transportation may want their license plates (or "tags") back. If you have a car, and do not have liability insurance, the tags must be surrendered. When selling a car without a new one to replace it, the Department of Transportation expects you to return the tags to them. The state provides several ways to turn in the tags, and the process is easy, no matter which method one chooses.

Step 1

Return your car's plates if you have moved out of state, as required by state law. You will need to return your car's plates to the Department of Transportation. The tags may be mailed to the following address:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Return Tag Unit

P.O. Box 68597

Harrisburg, PA. 17106 - 8597

Step 2

Drop off the license plates at any local PennDot office once a vehicle is off the road for any reason. Failure to surrender the license plates within 30 days may result in the suspension of registration privileges.

Step 3

Mail your license plates to the Department of Transportation if there is a lapse in insurance. Registration privileges will be suspended for 90 days for failure to return the license plates within 30 days of the lapsed insurance.

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