How to Turn on Cruise Control on a 2008 BMW X3

by Justin Cupler

With it taking heat from a growing range of smaller luxury SUVs and crossovers, like the Cadillac SRX, Acura RDX and Land Rover LR2, BMW had to equip the 2008 X3 with all the bells and whistles that luxury-car buyers expected. Among the features that BMW fitted standard on the 2008 X3 was cruise control. Activating the standard cruise control can be a little confusing for a new owner, as the activation button is not clearly marked with "Cruise On/Off."

Activating and Operating the Cruise

Turn the ignition to position "2" or higher, if not already in that position, then press the "I/O" button on the steering wheel to activate the X3's cruise control -- the cruise control indicator lamp will illuminate in the instrument cluster. Accelerate to the desired speed and press the "+" button on the steering wheel to set the cruise at that speed. Press the "+" or "-" buttons on the steering wheel to increase or decrease the speed, respectively. To interrupt the cruise control, either press the "I/O" button, or depress the clutch or brake pedal.

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