How to Troubleshoot a Range Rover Transmission

by Dianne Christensen-Herman
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The Range Rover sport utility vehicle is a four-wheel drive automobile produced by Land Rover in the United Kingdom, owned by India-based Tata Motors. First manufactured in 1970, the Range Rover is currently in its third generation. Like many vehicles, the Range Rover is known to have a few transmission problems, such as a stuck gear shift, limited acceleration, or the engine's failure to start. Troubleshooting these problems can help you save money in the long run before the problems become more expensive.

Step 1

Pay attention if your Range Rover is sticking in park or first gear. This is most likely due to the governor sticking. The governor is a device that senses the output shaft speed and provides signals to the hydraulic control valve telling the transmission when to shift. If you change the transmission filter and transmission fluid, this should remedy the problem.

Step 2

Notice if your vehicle is experiencing limited acceleration after driving it on the road. This is most likely due to worn out or faulty transmission seals. Replacing the seals with a kit purchased from an auto parts retailer should fix the problem. If the seals are broken, they will not hold the amount of pressure necessary to accelerate while the vehicle is in drive.

Step 3

Inspect your vehicle if it is not starting. This is most likely a problem with the selector switch secured to the side of the transmission. The selector switch tells the transmission which gear you have selected. When the switch becomes defective, it sends incorrect signals to the transmission, causing the vehicle not to start. Replacing the faulty part with a new one will most likely remedy the problem.

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