Ford Escape Transmission Problems

by Heidi Broach
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The Escape is a compact SUV manufactured by Ford since 2001. According to the AutoBeef website, the most frequent complaint by Ford Escape owners involves problems with the transmission. Though transmission problems can result in an expensive replacement, the issue may involve a simpler repair.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid leaks are one common problem with the Ford Escape. Check underneath the car to see if any reddish-brown colored fluid has pooled. This signifies a transmission fluid leak caused by a broken gasket or bearing leak.

Shifting Issues

Ford Escape owners also report problems with erratic or rough shifting, as well as issues relating to the car's failure to shift into reverse. Problems with shifting can indicate wear of the drive shaft's joints. Low transmission-fluid levels may also cause erratic shifting.

Transmission Failure

Failure occurs when the transmission does not successfully shift into the correct gear. Though this can signal the need for a transmission replacement, this type of failure may indicate a problem with the Ford Escape's control module. This module is responsible for completing the shift.

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