How to Troubleshoot a Meyer Snow Plow

by Ross Glyn
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A Meyer snow plow is a plow that can be attached to an automobile. Meyer is a well-respected and trusted name in snow plows, and their products are generally durable and effective. However, as with most machinery that is used out in the harsh winter elements, wear and tear can occur. Before you take the unit in for what could be an expensive repair, there are a few basic troubleshooting steps you can run through on your own.

Step 1

Tighten and clean all electrical connections, including connections to the battery if the snow plow will not raise. Check the fuse to see if it has blown. Replace if necessary with another fuse of the exact same amperage. Check to see that the motor oil level is at least 1 1/2 inches from the top.

Step 2

Check the white wire in the molded connector if the snow plow will not angle left. If the wire is connected, then there should be power to the switch and the motor. The problem may lie with the switch and it should be replaced.

Step 3

Check all the couplers and fittings for leaks if the snow plow will not hold an angle. Try bleeding the air from the system and tighten the glad nut as well. Replace any coupler and fitting if necessary.

Step 4

Check for a bent or seized ram if the plow will not lower. Inspect for any blocked passageways and clogged filters. Replace the bolts that hold the plow and the lift cylinder together if they have become worn, which will cut down on a lot of play in the system. Make sure to replace the bolt that holds the lift arm as well.

Step 5

Hold a screwdriver against the nut that secures the coil to check that the Electro Lift has sufficient magnetism. Have somebody turn on the switch to see if you feel any magnetic current running through the screwdriver.

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