How to Troubleshoot a Kawasaki Prairie 360

by Brianna Collins

Kawasaki first released its Prairie 360 utility quad in 2003. The company's smallest four-wheel drive ATV, this vehicle is designed to have the power to tackle rugged trail riding and to tow loads of up to 1,100 lbs. Each model is powered by a 362 cc air-cooled engine. In the event that the quad experiences problems, Kawasaki offers trouble-shooting advice and a number of minor repair suggestions in the owner's manual.

Starter Motor Problems

Turn the engine stop switch to "ON" if the starter motor will not rotate.

Use the electric starter and listen to engine turn over. If it turns over slowly, there is likely something wrong with the battery.

Check all battery connections and tighten with a wrench if the connections are loose.

Recharge the battery to 12 volts.

Replace the battery if it is damaged.

Try the starter again. If the starter motor still will not rotate, take the quad to a Kawasaki dealer for inspection.

Engine Misfires

Check the fuel tank. If there is an adequate amount of fuel, proceed to the next step. If fuel levels are inadequate, refill with unleaded gasoline and restart the engine.

Inspect the condition of gasoline. If it appears to be watery or gummy, the fuel may be contaminated or stale. Drain the fuel tank, refill with fresh gasoline and restart the engine.

Check all connections on the spark plug. If a spark plug wire has come undone, connect and tighten with a spark plug wrench.

Inspect the condition of the spark plug. If it appears damaged or discolored, replace with the NGK DPR8EA-9 plug recommended by Kawasaki.

Check the engine oil and ensure that it is at adequate levels. If not, refill with SAE 10W40 viscosity oil.

Restart the engine. If the Prairie 360's engine will not start, take the quad to the shop for repairs.

Engine Overheats

Wait until the engine cools. Once it does, check the coolant levels in the reservoir and radiator. Refill the coolant if levels are inadequate. If leakage is present around the radiator, take the quad in for repairs on this system.

Make sure that the right spark plug is installed. Kawasaki recommends only an NGK DPR8EA-9 spark plug.

Inspect the cooling fan and ensure that it is spinning properly. If not, take the quad to the shop for repairs.

Check and refill engine oil as needed.

Restart the engine. If it still overheats, take to a dealer for repairs.


  • Because specific training and tools are necessary for proper repairs, Kawasaki recommends that owners take the Prairie 360 to a certified dealer for complicated repairs or mechanical failure.


  • When handling gasoline and inspecting the fuel system, do not smoke or work near an open flame.
  • Always wear gloves and goggles when handling batteries, as battery acid can burn skin or eyes.
  • Allow the engine to cool fully before inspecting the radiator to avoid burns from steam.

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