How to Troubleshoot a Polaris Ranger

by Editorial Team

When you own a Polaris Ranger, you have one of the most reliable all terrain vehicles. For the most part, you should run into few problems if you properly maintain your Polaris Ranger. If your ATV does start to act up, you can perform some basic troubleshooting to get to the root of the problem.

Step 1

Examine the fuel system. Pull the fuel line and crank the engine to see if it's getting gas. Check the fuel filter for a possible clog if this is the case. Also, make sure the fuel tank has gas.

Step 2

Look at the air filter of your Polaris Ranger. It may have a clog in it, which chokes your engine and won't allow it to run. If you think the air filter has dirt or water in it from driving in harsh terrain or conditions, replace it.

Step 3

Check for spark. Remove a spark plug from the cylinder head, and then insert it back into the spark plug wire/boot. Crank the engine again while looking at the electrode on the spark plug for a spark to see if it's functioning properly. Replace the plug if it's not getting a spark. If it's still not working, check or replace the coil.

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