Reasons for Blown Fuses for Windshield Wipers & Washers

by Molly Carter
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It can be frustrating when your vehicle keeps blowing your windshield wiper and washer fuses. Several reasons exist for a blown fuse for windshield wipers and washers.


The windshield wiper or washer motor could be drawing too much current. To see if this is the problem, disconnect the wiper motor for a little while. If the fuse doesn't blow, the motor is drawing too much current.


Another reason for a blown fuse for your windshield wipers and washers may be debris or ice built up around the wipers. Look around the wipers and see if there is anything that could be interfering with the arm movement, and remove it. Test to see if this was causing the problem.


If you have a fuse that keeps blowing, do not replace it with a larger, higher amp fuse. The size of the fuse is predetermined to help protect the circuit. If a larger amp fuse is placed where it is not needed, it will not stop the flow of the current when necessary.

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