How to Replace the S-10 Ignition Lock

by Tara Kimball
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The ignition lock cylinder is the controlling unit of your Chevrolet S10’s ignition system; it controls the ignition and the truck’s accessories. Over time, the cylinder can wear and eventually fail. Replace the cylinder before it fails, making sure to avoid damage to the steering column when you remove the cylinder. Buy a replacement cylinder from an auto parts store or from a Chevrolet dealership.

Step 1

Raise the hood of your S10. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, using a wrench. Wait at least five minutes before working on the steering column, to allow the airbag system to discharge.

Step 2

Remove the screws that secure the upper and lower steering column covers, using a Torx-head screwdriver. Lift the upper steering column cover out of place and set it aside. Tilt the steering wheel up, then remove the lower steering column cover.

Step 3

Insert the ignition key into the cylinder. Hold the ignition key in the “Start” position. Insert an awl or similar tool into the hole underneath the lock cylinder. Push the locking tab in with the awl while releasing the key--this allows it to return to the “Run” position. Slide the lock cylinder out of the steering column.

Step 4

Insert the ignition key into the new lock cylinder. Position the key in the “Run” position. Align the cylinder with the mounting area on the steering column and slide the lock cylinder into place, until it clicks. Turn the ignition key to the “Off” position and remove the key from the cylinder.

Step 5

Replace the upper and lower steering column covers. Secure the covers with the Torx screws and tighten them with the Torx-head screwdriver. Reconnect the negative battery cable, tightening the connection with a wrench.

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