How to Troubleshoot a 2006 Ford Fusion

by Alibaster Smith

The 2006 Ford Fusion is a mid-sized automobile made by Ford Motor Company. Although the 2006 Fusion does not have any official recall list, it does have problems unique to the car that some owners have reported. As always, the best source for information about problems specific to the Fusion would be the Fusion's factory service manual; however, there are several issues to troubleshoot right away to correct any catastrophic failure of critical systems in your Fusion.

Check for a squealing sound coming from under the hood while you are turning the steering wheel left or right while the Fusion is running. The 2006 Fusion is fitted with a power steering pump; however, the pulley for the pump can fail after 60,000 miles due to a design flaw. The squealing is the result of the power steering pump belt rubbing or slipping on the pulley. This issue will only get worse until the pump is damaged or the belt breaks. Have this issue fixed by an experienced mechanic.

Check your Fusion for steering alignment problems. If your Fusion pulls to the right or left while driving, check the tire tread. If the tire tread shows signs of uneven tire wear, take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic. The bushings on the upper control arms on the 2006 Ford Fusion may have failed. Although you might think this should be covered by a factory recall, it's not. You will also want to have a four-wheel alignment done for you at a tire shop after the control arms have been checked and replaced.

Check to see if your air conditioning unit blows cold air or is functioning normally. Occasionally, the air conditioner evaporator temperature sensor will malfunction or fail. When this happens, your air conditioning will not function normally or at all. Have this problem fixed by a Ford dealership or an experienced mechanic familiar with the Fusion's air conditioner evaporator temperature sensor.

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