How to Replace Fuses on a Toyota Previa

by Mike Parker
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Internal combustion engines run on gasoline, but require the spark of electricity to unleash the power of the fuel. Likewise, all of the electrical components on your car, such as your headlights, turn signals and windshield wipers, are powered by your battery. As with most electrical systems, the primary safety mechanism to prevent overloads on the Toyota Previa is the simple fuse. These small, easy-to-replace bits of metal and plastic can make the difference between driving in a cool, air conditioned car or sweltering in the heat.

Step 1

Turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position. Insure the component with the suspected blown fuse is turned off.

Step 2

Reach under the central instrument panel cover, located above the air conditioning controls in the center of the dashboard, and press upward on the panel cover release latch. This is where most of the fuses are located in a Toyota Previa. Lift the panel cover up and off.

Step 3

Observe the underside of the control panel cover. It will have a schematic diagram along with the name of each circuit controlled by the corresponding fuse. Determine the location of the fuse that controls the affected component. The Toyota Previa makes use of three different types of fuses: type A, which are thin and elongated, type B fuses that resemble a box with a window in the top to reveal the fuse link, and type C, which also resemble a box with a clear plastic top.

Step 4

Grasp the suspected fuse and pull straight up and out. Look down through the clear top of the fuse. If the metal connector is broken and not connected, the fuse is blown. Insert a replacement fuse of the same type and amperage rating into the vacant slot.

Step 5

Replace the instrument control panel and press down until it snaps closed. Turn the ignition switch to the "On" position. Activate the suspected component. If replacing the fuse did not solve the problem, troubleshoot further or take the car to a qualified technician for repairs.

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