How to Replace the Acura TL Cigarette Lighter Fuse

by Doug Leenhouts
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The Acura TL has a very complicated electrical system. There are over 50 fuses spread out in two fuse boxes, and they come in seven different fuse sizes. The fuse boxes should be the first things to check when your car is having electrical problems, as they are easy to access and can be replaced by anyone in a matter of seconds. When a fuse blows, which is fairly obvious, it needs to be changed immediately.

Step 1

Locate the interior fuse box. It is in front of the driver's seat towards the left. Pull the cover off by sliding your finger or thumb in the notch provided.

Step 2

Inspect all the fuses in the box. In particular, check fuse number 9 (bottom row, three fuses in from the right side).

Step 3

Pull out fuse 9 with a fuse puller and discard it.

Step 4

Place a 15-amp automotive fuse in the fuse slot.

Step 5

Turn your key to the "on" position. Plug your appliance into the cigarette lighter to check that the fuse does not fail again.

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