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How to Troubleshoot the Electrical System in a Kia Spectra

by Contributor

The Kia Spectra is a small affordable sedan that offers a decent ride. The electrical system is better than some, but may give owners a problem or two, particularly with the older the models. With a basic knowledge of where everything is and a little time, you can diagnose problems in your Kia electrical system.

Step 1

Replace your battery when necessary, but make certain you match it to the same wattage of your existing battery. The Kia is configured for a specific wattage; if you go over or under that, you might cause all kinds of problems with your electrical system.

Step 2

Track down widespread component power loss. If the battery and alternator check out, there may be a problem with the power module or computer.

Step 3

Try first to replace the battery in your transmitter if the buttons for opening the door or the panic button or trunk button don't work. If a fresh battery doesn't do the trick, try to check the charge in the key transmitter with a digital volt ohm meter (DVOM). If everything checks, your transmitter may need reprogramming.

Step 4

Hook your car up to get the problem code when you have an electrical problem that has you scratching your head and wondering where to start. Problem codes give you the heads up. In particular, problem codes can direct you to various sensor malfunctions, whether it's the oxygen sensor or other sensors. The Kia Spectra seems to have a sensor for everything.

Carry around the different size fuses that your Spectra requires. You never know when a fuse will blow. If you have fuses available, it's a quick fix and you're back on the road in no time.

Items you will need

  • Digital volt ohm meter (DVOM)

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