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How to Troubleshoot the Electrical System in a Ford Focus

by Contributor

The Ford Focus appeals to people who like what "Ford" stands for, but who still want an economy car to combat rising gas prices. The Focus fits the bill on many levels. Its electrical system runs about average, which means the longer you own one, the more electrical problems you're likely to see. Most of them are a quick fit.

Step 1

Check the relay for the air conditioning if you're not getting any air through your vents. If it checks out and you have Freon, look at the low pressure switch on the air conditioning system. A bad lower pressure switch causes the compressor clutch to shut down.

Step 2

Look in the resistor network of the blower module instead of the fuses when you get air on one setting, but not the others. Most likely, your Focus has a blown thermal fuse. If you're adept at auto repairs to the blower motor, you might be able to do this repair yourself.

Step 3

Consider a water leak in the Climate Control Heater Blower Motor Case if you have a Ford Focus from 2000 to 2003. Models from those years occasionally have problems with leaks. The cowl area needs to be sealed.

Step 4

Reset your car's computer if you've made a fix, but the warning light continues to come on. You'll need to remove the battery cable from the connector for at least 30 seconds to reset the computer. The Ford Focus sometimes gives off faulty warnings that can lead to costly trips to the mechanic to find out why a warning light is on.

Listen for a click when you try to start your Ford Focus and fail. It's a sound car owners dread hearing because it often means an alternator needs replacing, often a costly repair. First, check that connections are clean, tight and rust free. Also, a loose alternator belt won't charge.


  • If you do need to replace your alternator, look at purchasing a rebuilt one for less money.

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