How to Troubleshoot a Dodge Ram

by Alibaster Smith

The Dodge Ram is a pickup truck made by the Dodge brand of Chrysler. The Ram is considered a "heavy duty" truck and is frequently used for hauling a towing. Unfortunately, the Dodge Ram has had many recalls since being introduced in 1981. The problems range from fuel related, to steering, the structural problems. If you've owned your Ram for a number of years, you will want to check for the most common problems and make sure they are fixed.

Check for fuel leaks or a strong gasoline smell. Some Dodge Rams made after 1994 used a rollover valve on the fuel tank. This rollover valve can allow liquid fuel to leak onto the ground under some engine operating conditions due to its design. This issue is covered under a factory recall and will be fixed at no charge by any Chrysler dealership.

Have your truck to cab retaining bolts checked by a professional Chrysler dealership. Some Rams were assembled with bolts that were not properly hardened. The bolts that secure the cab of the truck to the core support on the truck may yield and come lose during normal driving. This will, in turn, cause the cab to separate from the truck. This issue can be fixed under a factory recall for this problem and will be fixed for free by any Chrysler dealership.

Have the retaining pins checked that connect the upper steering shaft with the lower steering shaft. The Dodge Ram uses plastic pins with a small metal clip to hold the lower steering shaft to the upper part of the steering shaft. These pins have a tendency to weaken and break over time. This can happen rather suddenly and without warning. If they do break, the upper shaft will come lose from the lower shaft causing a sudden loss of steering control. This issue can be fixed by any Chrysler dealership under a factory recall for this problem.

Visit the website and search for any recalls for your particular model and year vehicle, and have your local dealership make any factory-authorized fixes.

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