How to Troubleshoot Blaupunkt Car Stereos

by Patrick Nelson

Blaupunkt car stereos can run into problems. Common problems include CD (Compact Disc) read errors and skipping. DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) problems can include compatibility issues. Blaupunkt car stereos in Europe are compatible with newer digital radio broadcasts called DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasts) that are similar to the United States’ HD Radio (High Definition Radio) broadcasts, and they have specific problem areas. Problems with Blaupunkt car stereos can be troubleshot.


Use CD blank discs with a silver coating if the Blaupunkt car stereo experiences read errors and skips on discs you’ve burned. Silver coatings can handle the high temperatures of a vehicle better than colored ones. Look for temperature-range parameters on the blank CD’s packaging, and choose the most tolerant. Burn them using a lower-than-maximum speed. Don’t leave CDs in the sun.


Use supported DVD discs. Blaupunkt car stereos that support DVD can handle 5-inch (12 cm), one-side, single-layer; 5-inch (12 cm), one-side, two-layer; 3-inch (8 cm), one-side, single-layer; and 3-inch (8 cm), one-side, two-layer discs.


Check the antenna placement if DAB broadcasts are spotty. DAB broadcasts are more intolerant of poor antenna placement than analog broadcasts like AM and FM. Window antennas are acceptable in areas where there’s good reception. In marginal areas, check that the distance between the window frame and antenna housing is between .6 and 1.6 inches. Check that the antenna isn’t glued over the window-heating elements.


  • check Don’t force memory cards into the slot. Make sure you’re using the right kind of memory card for the Blaupunkt car stereo. For example, the VDP-01 only works with MMC cards up to 64MB. SD cards are too wide for the slot. If the card doesn’t fit, try another type.

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