How to Find Toyota T-100 Axle Gear Ratio

by Blaze Johnson

The Toyota T100 was introduced 1993 and featured standard rear antilock brakes, along with a V6 engine. Styling, cab configurations and upgraded powertrain options followed in subsequent model years, until the Toyota Tundra replaced the T100 in 1998. Different axle ratios were available as factory option for certain model years. Determining the axle ratio for your Toyota T100 will allow you to order correct replacement parts or make informed decisions when making modifications to the drivetrain.

Open the driver's side door and locate the VIN plate mounted on the lower door pillar for 1989 or newer models. Check the firewall, inside the engine compartment, for the VIN plate on vehicles older than 1989. The VIN plate contains important codes used to determine trim options, transmission and axle type.

Write down the four-character axle code listed on the VIN plate. For vehicles made before 1989, the axle code occupies the eighth through eleventh digit positions in the block of codes listed next to "C/TR/A/TM". Check for the four-character axle code positioned directly to "A/TM:" near the bottom of the VIN plate.

Navigate to the "Toyota Differential Identification" website (see Resources). Scroll to the "Toyota Differential Code Decoder" chart and cross-reference your vehicle's axle code with the codes provided on the page. The second and third digits found within the axle code will determine the axle ratio for your vehicle.

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