Toyota Camry Interior Colors

by JanetB

The Toyota Camry was chosen as the ninth best affordable midsize car by U.S. News and World Report, and has been the best-selling car in the U.S. for the past eight years. According to Motor Trend, the Camry is the "Walmart of family cars," and its interior colors reflect this appeal.

Ash Interiors

Ash or light gray interiors are available with all exterior colors of 2011 Toyota Camrys, and ash fabric upholstery is available with all models. Ash leather upholstery is available with the SE, the XLE, and the Hybrid models.

Bisque Interiors

The "bisque" or beige interior is available with fabric upholstery for the base Camry and LE model with black, blue, silver, white and sandy beach exteriors, and for the LE model alone with green, gray, red and spruce exteriors. The bisque colored interior is available with either fabric or leather upholstery in the XLE and hybrid models with all exterior colors.

Charcoal Interiors

The charcoal gray interior of the Toyota Camry is only available in the SE model, which comes with red, black, blue, silver, gray and white exteriors. The charcoal interior is available with either fabric or leather upholstery.

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