How to Tow My Jeep Cherokee

by Patrick Nelson

The method for towing a Jeep Cherokee is determined by the type of transmission the vehicle has—two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive; Jeep’s recommendations are different for each type. Another consideration is whether the Jeep has emergency tow hooks and whether the transmission is still functioning. Towing with wheels on the ground should be performed at low speeds, and there are limits to how far you can tow a Jeep Cherokee in this type of situation.

Two-Wheel-Drive Models


Determine whether the Jeep has tow hooks. If it does, there will be two hooks at the front and one at the back. You can recognize them as being hooks below the level of the bumper. The rear tow hook is on the driver’s side.


Try to change the gear selector into the "Neutral" position if the vehicle has tow hooks. The gear position is marked “N.”


Tow the Jeep up to 15 miles at speeds lower than 30 mph if the vehicle has tow hooks (from Step 1) and if the transmission is operable and changeable to the "Neutral" position (from Step 2.) If the vehicle doesn’t have a functioning transmission, disconnect the drive shaft and tow, or tow with all four wheels off the ground, such as on a flatbed or dolly.

Four-Wheel-Drive Models


Determine if the vehicle is four-wheel drive by looking for a four-wheel-drive selector on the transmission tunnel.


Look for a four-wheel-drive switch on the dashboard or any "4x4" designation on the exterior of the Jeep.


Tow with all four wheels off the ground, such as on a flatbed or on a dolly.


  • close Stand well clear of any vehicle being towed. The straps and chains are under considerable strain and can break.

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