Can You Put a Hitch on a Leased Car?

by Jay Bradlley
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Feel free to put a hitch on your leased vehicle. Just make sure you contact the dealership to get approval before wasting time and money. Chances are the dealership will want to install the hitch to ensure proper installation.


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Ask the dealer or lessor about putting a hitch on the vehicle. Then, ask them what they charge to do it and if its okay to get it done elsewhere. Forgetting these questions could end up costing a small fortune when the lease is up. The average cost of a dealership installed hitch is $200 to $400 and varies on the make and model of the car.

Leave It

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Once a hitch is installed on a leased vehicle and the dealer or lessor is aware of its existence, the hitch should go to the dealer, lessor or an authorized vendor for removal. Liability issues can arise with the removal of the hitch otherwise.

Sports cars

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Although you can use a hitch with a sports car that has a six- or eight-cylinder engine, it is uncommon to see a sports car with a hitch because of the enormous wear and tear towing applies to the vehicle.

Read the Manual

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If any uncertainty exists about putting a hitch on a vehicle, read the contract or owner's manual to check for towing capability. The manual might even recommend where to get the hitch installed and what type of hitch is needed.

Car Hitch Warning

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It's not recommended to attach a hitch to a four-cylinder car unless otherwise specified that it can handle a tow. Towing with a four-cylinder vehicle will cause major damage to the power train, engine or axle. Further, remember that when attaching a hitch to any vehicle proper licensing is required.

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