Can I Tow a GMC Acadia With a Tow Bar and an Automatic Transmission?

by Sarah Shelton
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Since its introduction in 2007, the GMC Acadia has featured a six-speed automatic transmission. Once placed in neutral, this crossover SUV can be flat towed with a tow bar attached to an RV or other tow vehicle.

Towing Requirements

In addition to a tow bar, your Acadia needs to be properly outfitted with a custom baseplate and a taillight wiring kit. You can install these yourself, but Motorhome Magazine recommends taking it to an experienced RV specialist. No transmission lubrication pump is required.

Towing Restrictions

Make sure that your RV and hitch are rated over Acadia's substantial curb weight of 4,722 pounds. This car can be towed at up to 65 mph without voiding the warranty.

Special Procedures

Before hitting the road each day, and at every fuel stop, start your Acadia and run the engine for five minutes. Also, prevent draining the battery when the Acadia is attached to the tow vehicle by removing the 50-amp BATT1 fuse.

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