How to Replace CV Joints in a Chrysler Sebring

by Tom Pace
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One part of routine maintenance on a Chrysler Sebring is to inspect the constant velocity -- or CV -- boots any time the car is lifted, such as when changing the oil. The CV joints must have a tight seal on their lubricating boots for proper function, and CV joint failure is corrected by a complete replacement of the half axle joints. A new half axle assembly should come with the both CV joints and their boots pre-loaded with grease.

Step 1

Loosen the hub bolt and lug nuts while the car is parked with the parking brake applied, then remove the cotter pin from the wheel with pliers. Raise the car and support the front end on safety jacks and remove the wheel.

Step 2

Remove the wheel hub washer and nut. Detach the brake components from the rotor and carefully suspend the calipers from the car frame to avoid damage. Disengage the speed sensor and its wiring bracket and position them out of the way.

Step 3

Remove the damper fork and steering knuckle with a joint separator tool. Once you have proper clearance, disengage the half axle from the wheel by pulling the hub away from the vehicle. Do not attempt to pull on the axle out of the hub from under the vehicle, as this may damage components.

Step 4

Pull the other end of the half axle from the transaxle. Remove the old half axle from the vehicle and leave clearance to install the replacement.

Step 5

Align the new half axle assembly into position and carefully press the inner end into the transaxle. Apply firm pressure to make sure that it is firmly seated. Install the other end of the half axle into the wheel hub and loosely reinstall the hub washer and nut.

Step 6

Re-install the steering knuckle, brakes, and damper fork. Re-install the cotter pin, the speed sensor and the wheel, then lower the vehicle and tighten all lugs, bolts, and nuts.

Step 7

Test the vehicle drive train by driving in an empty parking lot. It is recommended that the car be taken to a reputable mechanic to perform an alignment.

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