How to Install a Taurus Rear Wheel Bearing

by Nicki Callahan
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Wheel bearings are necessary for a smooth, quiet ride in your Taurus. The rear wheel bearings are sealed in order to protect them from harmful elements such as dirt and even water (which can cause rust), so if the bearing assembly begins to make noise, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

This task may be accomplished at home in about an hour with the proper tools; doing so will save you a pretty penny in mechanic's fees.


Step 1

Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel with a lug nut wrench. Raise the rear end of the car with a jack. Insert jack stands and lower with the jack onto the stands. Remove the jack. Completely remove the lug nuts with a lug nut wrench. Remove the tire. Block the front tires with tire chocks.

Step 2

Remove the brake caliper, if there are disc brakes, with the appropriate wrench and hang with bailing wire out of the way. Remove the disc brake by taking off the bolts retaining the mounting bracket with the appropriate wrench. Pull the disc from the hub. If the car has drum brakes, pull the drum off the axle once you have removed the wheel.

Step 3

Remove and discard the grease cap from the center of the hub.

Remove the hub retaining nut with a wrench and discard it. Remove the hub and bearing assembly, which you will find on the spindle. Discard the hub. Check the bearing assembly for wear or damage and replace parts as needed.


Step 1

Insert the new hub and bearing assembly onto the spindle. Tighten the new hub retaining nut with a torque wrench to the proper torque. Cover the hub assembly with a new grease cap.

Step 2

Attach the disc brake by inserting and tightening the retaining bolts for the mounting bracket, using the appropriate wrench. Remove the bailing wire and lower the brake caliper. Attach the bolts with a wrench. If the car has drum brakes push the drum back onto the axle, taking care not to damage the brake assembly.

Step 3

Put the tires back on the car. Tighten the lug nuts so that they fit snugly, but don't tighten them all the way yet. Raise the rear of the car with a jack and remove the jack stands and set them aside. Lower the car and remove the jack.

Once the car is sitting on its own weight and no longer supported, tighten the lug nuts all the way. Remove the tire chocks.

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