How to Change Brakes on a 2001 Ford Escape

by Jule Pamplin
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The 2001 Ford escape has anti-lock disc brakes. The braking system includes the rotor, the caliper, caliper bridge and the brake pads. Each component needs to be replaced properly when changing the brakes. New rotors are packaged with a preservative spread on the surface. The packing oil needs to be removed before the new rotor can be put to use. Pay specific attention to the brake line when replacing the caliper to avoid damaging the line and needing more extensive brake repair.

Step 1

Put the Ford transmission in "Park" and apply the parking brake. Place tire blocks behind the rear tires.

Step 2

Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels with the lug wrench.

Step 3

Lift the Escape with a lifting jack and place jack stands under the frame. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands to support the Ford during the brake change.

Step 4

Remove the two caliper slide bolts with the 13mm wrench. Remove caliper from the caliper bridge and place it on top of the steering arm above the wheel hub.

Step 5

Remove the two bolts on the caliper bridge with a 15mm wrench. Pull the brake pads (held in place by the caliper bridge) from either side of the rotor.

Step 6

Pull the rotor from the wheel bolts. Spray the rotor with chain lubricant at the point that connects to the steering knuckle. Tap the "top hat" section (center ring of the rotor) with a hammer to relieve the bond of rust.

Step 7

Spray the new rotor with brake cleaner. Wipe the rotor clean and place it onto the wheel bolts, with the top hat section facing outward.

Step 8

Unscrew the brake line from the old caliper. Place a drip pan below the line to catch any leaking brake fluid. Screw the brake line onto the new caliper. Apply brake grease to the inside of the caliper.

Step 9

Place the caliper bridge onto the new rotor and screw in the caliper bridge bolts with the 15mm wrench. Insert the new brake pads into the caliper bridge on either side of the rotor.

Step 10

Place the new caliper (connected to the brake line) onto the caliper bridge. Screw in the caliper slide bolts with the 13mm wrench.

Step 11

Replace the wheels and lug nuts.

Step 12

Lift the vehicle with the lifting jack to remove the jack stands before returning the Ford to the ground.

Step 13

Lift the hood and remove the lid to the master cylinder. Press the brake pedal three times.

Step 14

Fill the master cylinder with brake fluid until the reservoir is full. Replace the lid to the master cylinder and close the hood.

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