How to Get a Texas Toll Tag

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Many Texas motorists who use the toll roads on a regular basis choose to get a toll tag known as a TxTag. The TxTag sticker is attached to the vehicle's front windshield and allows your toll to be collected electronically. Motorists using the TxTag do not need to stop at toll booths, because the fees are automatically deducted from a prepaid account. TxTag users also have the added benefit of paying discounted toll rates.

Enroll in the TxTag program one of three ways: apply online, complete and mail the application, or visit a TxTag Customer Service Center. Request separate TxTag stickers for each of your vehicles, up to five on a single account. You will need the license plate numbers for each vehicle to enroll.

Add money to the account. Set up the AutoPay option to have funds charged on a credit card whenever your account reaches a preset minimum amount. Alternatively, you may opt to maintain a balance by making payments online.

Affix the TxTag sticker on the inside of the front windshield behind the rearview mirror. Read the instructions carefully before applying the sticker.

Drive in the Express lanes when approaching a toll plaza. These lanes only accept TxTag and move quickly.

Maintain highway speeds and drive through the toll plaza without stopping. A device positioned above the toll lane reads an electronic signal from your tag as you pass through and deducts the required toll from your prepaid account.

Receive free e-mail statements or pay an additional fee for mail delivery. Account information is also accessible online.


  • check Notify TxTag Customer Service immediately if your vehicle is sold or stolen so they can deactivate the account.
  • check A special Texas toll tag is available for motorcycles.


  • close Don't remove the TxTag sticker once it is applied to the windshield. It will become damaged.
  • close Don't attempt to stick the TxTag to a cold windshield. The adhesive won't work properly if the temperature is below 50 degrees F. Turn on the car's heater and front defroster to heat up the inside before applying the sticker.
  • close It's a misdemeanor offense to not pay a toll. Make sure you always have sufficient funds in your TxTag account to cover tolls.

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