How to Tell If Your Window Tint Is Illegal?

by Cheryl Hinneburg
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Window tinting is a good way of keeping the heat and sun out of your car. Each state has laws pertaining to window tinting and most states are more restrictive on the front window of the car than the others. Often, windows that are tinted too dark pose a safety threat at night and in imperfect driving conditions. The amount of money that can be paid in citations makes it well worth getting your tinting done right the first time.

Step 1

Find out what the window tinting laws are for the state where you live. These laws vary from state to state and some states are more lenient while others are quite strict. The best place to get this information is from the company that you will be hiring to do the tinting or your state's Department of Motor Vehicles.

Step 2

Determine if the tint on your car windows obstructs or reduces your visibility while driving. This is the main concern because when the tint is too dark, it causes major safety issues, especially at night and when it is raining outside.

Step 3

Ensure that your auto tint meets the light transmittance requirements for your state. This is usually about 75% for the front window. This means that the light is measured and that much light needs to be coming through for your tint to be legal.

Step 4

Make sure that your tint complies with standard tint laws. This means that you are using standard car tint and nothing that looks like one-way glass or mirroring.

Step 5

Have your car inspected by a private licensed professional just to be sure that it is legal. She will use a photometer to determine if it is legal or not for your state.

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