How to Keep Bugs Off Your Car Front Window

by Louise Balle

When a bug splatters on your windshield, leaving blood and grime behind, it can be hard to remove. Streaks can interfere with your visibility while driving, which is an important safety issue. There are a few simple actions you can take to keep bugs away from your front windshield to reduce the time you spend cleaning up the mess.

Step 1

Use a repellent spray that is formulated especially for windshields to stop bugs from settling on your front window. Spray the surface and wipe it down just as you would with a standard glass cleaner. The formula covers the windshield with a waterproof coating that helps stop bugs from adhering to the glass.

Step 2

Buy a bug deflector to help stop bugs from making their way up to your windshield while you're driving. Mount the deflector onto the front top grill of your car---the bugs hit it before they have a chance to reach your windshield. Some deflectors reach up higher (without impeding your line of vision while driving, of course) to be more effective.

Step 3

Place a windshield cover on the outside of your window when your car is not in use to keep bugs from flying into the windshield. Use the same cover that people use in the winter to stop snow from accumulating on the glass. You can also simply drape a piece of tarp across the windshield and secure it to the glass with tape.

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